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    Susan Sontag on literature and freedom – superb read.

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    Lake Garda, Italy (by saxonfenken)

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    I guess I shouldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

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    Stretching over thousands of acres of olive groves and forests in the Umbrian hills; Castello Di Reschio Luxury Villas in Umbria, Italy has been restored from secluded ancient farmhouses to contemporary guest houses. (part one - exterior shots)

    There are 9 houses on the estate.  Each Reschio house comes with the following basics:

    • High speed wireless broadband
    • An infinity pool with pool and garden maintenance
    • Daily housekeeping
    • A fully stocked larder and fridge on arrival
    • Cupboards filled with fresh towels and linen
    • Large, soft pool towels
    • Ortigia bathroom products
    • Access to everything on the estate, including drivers, chefs, stables, shopping service, and estate Osteria and Bottega.
    • 24hr helpline to the estate offices
    • Audio visual systems

    For all booking enquiries please contact Liz at the Estate Office:

    Tabaccaia di Reschio - 06060 Lisciano Niccone (PG) Italia

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    Roussillon in Autumn

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    #tahphrumduhbush McKitrickHotel #NYC #Stylin

  9. Amazing.


    "ExVoto: prayer for sun" 2014, ink on moleskine paper, cm 21x26


  10. "Don’t argue your path with other people. Walk it."
    — The Lazy Yogi (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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  11. Instant reblog…every time!

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    4c hair is dangerous, y’all.

    I wanna see Larry do this in the club <3 I may put it in one of my stories. lol

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  14. This is me!


    April 23, 2014 – Rare Williamsburg Condo Loft

    119 North 11th Street, Apt. 3B
    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
    $2,000,000 | 3 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | Approx. 1,750 sq. ft.

    Exquisite Three Bedroom Williamsburg loft…Sprawling 1700+ square feet authentic condo loft in an industrial pre-war commercial building located in the heart of North Williamsburg. This rare loft space is filled with the quintessential details you’d expect in a true loft: 10 ft. high wood beamed ceilings, hardwood oak flooring, exposed brick, pipes and wooden columns throughout.

    Want to learn more? Go to corcoran.com.

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  15. After all these years…still an amazing song!



    kissing you | des’ree

    Time to burst into tears…